Mexico is the second largest agricultural supplier to the United States and the third largest export market for U.S. agricultural products. From the north flow staple crops and meats; the largest exports from the south are seasonal fruits and vegetables, beer, and chocolate. Shipping sensitive produce and food products requires a 3PL provider with experience in cold chain logistics  in order to preserve shipment integrity from end to end.

Customs brokerage with an eye for detail and cold chain expertise with a flair for customer service makes your Mexico logistics experience smooth

Mexico Agricultural Goods Distribution

Agricultural products must comply with numerous customs regulations at the U.S./Mexico border. The vast majority of border entry problems (over 95%) are due to documentation and clerical mistakes, and these errors translate into costly delays. Coronado Logistics is an expert customs broker, navigating compliance, labeling, and certification regulations on both sides of the border so that sensitive agricultural products slide through ports of entry without difficulty.

Coronado Logistics is a one-stop destination for both Mexico customs and cold chain shipping solutions. Please contact us for streamlined freight forwarding across the U.S/Mexico border.