Refrigerated and Frozen

Shipment integrity and quick-to-shelf timelines are top priorities when shipping temperature-controlled products into or out of Mexico. Produce, refrigerated and frozen food, and pharmaceuticals require integrated cold chain technology with uninterrupted temperature-controlled links. Coronado Logistics manages cold chain shipments with exacting standards, including enclosed refrigerated loading docks, high-tech warehousing for cold-storage, and state-of-the art cooling containers on road, rail, sea or air.

Coronado Logistics cold chain expertise and infrastructure ensure product quality and result in quick-to-shelf deliveries.

Mexico Refrigerated Frozen Distribution

North America is the largest market for cold chain logistics, including shipments of produce, frozen and refrigerated food, and pharmaceuticals. Customs restrictions and regulations abound for cool cargo, making expertise in navigating U.S.- Mexico customs issues essential. Coronado Logistics is your 3PL solution for importing or exporting to Mexico–we excel at moving your sensitive, temperature-controlled products seamlessly across the border.

Please contact Coronado Logistics to find out about Mexico import and export requirements, and to discover our cold chain expertise for your shipments to and from Mexico.