Since NAFTA and the more recent 2011 relaxation of tariffs on imported clothing, international retailers are flocking to Mexico in order to claim market share among the nation’s vast and youthful population. The consumer industry in general has significant presence in Mexico, including maquiladoras that produce consumer products, and international consumer products companies expanding into the Mexican market. Lean and flexible supply chains that move goods quickly from production sites to customers are essential to support international consumer and retail sales.

Agility and flexibility define our approach to move consumer and retail goods quickly and securely from production site to shelf.

Mexico Retail Consumer Market

Fluctuations in demand and tight competition that define consumer and retail markets require agile and flexible supply chains. Coronado Logistics’ expert team steers products quickly and securely through customs and trade compliance issues, and coordinates a flexible and scalable logistics framework for quick-to-market, door-to-door service.

Coronado Logistics is your 3PL Mexico shipping resource to address the unique supply challenges of the consumer and retail industries. For superior customer service and competitive pricing for your import and export requirements, please contact us today.